Saturday, November 3, 2007

Congrats Navy!!

After 43 years, you guys got one! Due to the lack of coverage on AFN, I can't speak with any knowledge on the ND program this year. That being said, one would have to wonder if this team has quit on the coach. Either way, I really hate losing. It's not that I expect us to win every game, far from it; it's just that so many folks HATE ND, the comments are a bit much (especially from the mainstream media).

All that aside, HUGE props to the Midshipmen of Navy. They played their hearts out today and deserved the win. I feel compelled to send congrats to my brother-in-law Pat, a Naval Academy grad. I owe you a bottle of scotch! Ugh, you knew it would happen someday (like death and taxes), but you hope it wouldn't. Oh well, next year 12-0 (hey, a boy can dream, right?). Until tomorrow.

-Grease out

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